Bathroom remodels and Updates

In addition to offering Interior/Exterior painting we have a full home remodeling division. 


We entertain most project sizes-- from updating your bathroom by putting in new vanity cabinets and counter tops, updating your shower, completely changing the layout of your bathroom, and even all of the above. Not only can we do this in your bathroom, but we can also do it with your kitchen and more!

At Interiors By Thomas we pride ourselves on the quality of our custom walk-in showers. We use high quality product and workmanship to ensure your shower never leaks. We know the finished product needs to look beautiful, but what is underneath the finished product is also very important. We use products with multiple layers of water resistance with added protection of mold and mildew resistance. We also use a top-quality, heavy duty waterproofing membrane on top of all that protection. That means peace of mind for both Interiors By Thomas and our customer and you can rest assure that your shower will never leak.

Come visit us at " The Idea Center" and learn of the many home projects we can assist you with. 


If you are interested in our services, contact us to discuss your project and get an estimate at no cost.

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